Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIGGING DEEPER…Beyond the Pink

The BRCA Responder

Breast Cancer Awareness Game is personal for Fresno State women's players 

BY BRYANT-JON ANTEOLA The Fresno BeeFebruary 11, 2014 
In the above article the mention of the moms being young at age of diagnosis (40) makes me hope both families are aware of cancer causing genetic mutations and hereditary cancer. One of my goals as a BRCA Health Advocate is to respond to articles like this so that the journalists/writers are more well versed about hereditary cancer and will know to ask deeper questions in a next interview. Ultimately, knowledge is power and both Robin Draper and Bree Farley may very well be at higher risk for breast cancer themselves; due to a genetic mutation…or simply because of their family history. Anytime there is a "young" age of onset of breast cancer, It's important for patients, families, doctors, and journalists, to go beyond the "PINK", delve further into the family story, and bring up genetics and genetic counseling and assessment. 
Bottom line: Digging deeper, beyond the pink, can save lives.

Amy Byer Shainman
BRCA Health Advocate
BRCA1 positive, PREVIVOR

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