Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SEPTEMBER 16th-Potentially Fatal Fat & Tissue Removal Day

September 16th on my calendar is my very own


"Potentially Fatal Fat and Tissue Removal Day"

September 16, 2010 - The day I had potentially fatal 

fat and tissue removed from my chest ; a nipple-

sparing, skin sparing bilateral prophylactic 

mastectomy with reconstruction. Exactly 12 years 

prior to this date, on September 16, 1998, 

I had a potentially fatal fat & tissue tumor 


from my brain (I was previously diagnosed with an 

acoustic neuroma, a brain tumor). This previous 

diagnosis and major brain tumor surgery factored 

heavily into my decision making process to move forward with 

prophylactic breast surgery.

Taken from my BRCA memoir "Resurrection Lily" which has taken me way longer to write than I ever anticipated! 

I will keep you posted on my progress and its release.
Amy @BRCAresponder 

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