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Monday, June 16, 2014

Attention: TODAY SHOW!

Attention: TODAY SHOW!


Regarding: Father's Day ARTICLE

'Truly selfless' dad who supported wife, two daughters with breast cancer gets a Father's Day surprise

Today show:
This is a very nice story.
However, with a story of three breast cancers in same family you MUST address genetics. Omitting life saving information for your viewers is not capitalizing upon any actual breast cancer awareness; it's not the complete story or thorough journalism. In future cancer stories, please reach out to experts and advocates for help with interview questions. We are here and we want you to utilize us. We want you to win Emmys!
National Society of Genetic Counselors:
Best Regards,
Amy Byer Shainman -  @BRCAresponder - The BRCA Responder - BRCA Health Advocate - BRCA1 positive previvor - @BRCAresponder WEEKLY