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Friday, August 31, 2018

Starting A Conversation About Mom’s Genes - by Guest Blogger Shannon Pulaski

Shannon Pulaski

When my twin daughters were twelve months old, I decided to see a genetic counselor. Although, for me, I didn’t really feel like I had a choice. It felt like something I had to do – for them.

As a result of that test, I have had to make a lot of decisions that have and will continue to impact not only me but my entire family. In the beginning of my journey, my children were small. My husband and I could move through those decisions and the kids were blissfully unaware. But, now they are a bit older. And my family health history continues to play a role in our own family’s story. 
I wonder how I can provide them with a framework for understanding this genetic mutation has profoundly affected our family. We have many more BRCA obstacles yet to come. There is no doubt that my daughters and my son will have questions. It became clear that we would need to have conversation. 

But, it was also clear that it had to be handled with care.

And so Proactive Genes was born with the idea that parents could benefit from tools that could help them start a conversation with their children about family health history. Beyond that, Proactive Genes strives to become a community where parents can share their stories, concerns, fears, and successes as they parent and move through hereditary risk and disease.

As genetic information and testing becomes more readily available, it will have a tremendous impact on medical decisions going forward. Parents will need to consider how to effectively share this information with their children as it will play a role in both their own lives as well as their children’s lives. Proactive Genes’ core mission is to encourage children to learn about how their family’s health history can impact their own health.

This week, I am launching our first tool in our Proactive Genes’ tool box, a children’s book entitled Mom’s Genes. Intended for children ages 3 – 7, this first installment will assist parents and as a stepping stone for young ones to easily grasp sophisticated concepts in an interactive and playful manner. With age appropriate content, rhythm verse and vivid illustrations, Mom's Genes can help you teach your children the importance of being proactive about their health and wellness at a young age.

Shannon Pulaski is an attorney, author, avid patient advocate, wife, and mother of three. With a strong family history of cancer, Shannon knew she would have to start a conversation with her children about their family's health history. She created Mom's Genes to help other parents share their own family's health history and encourage children to establish healthy lifestyle behaviors at a young age. 
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You can also listen to Shannon here on CURE Talks Cancer Podcast.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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