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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

September 2019 - New PODCAST & RADIO Spot

I talked with Eleanor Griffith, MS, CGC a board certified genetic counselor and the founder of Grey Genetics about: BRCA, Resurrection Lily, Genetic Testing, Genetic Counseling, Lady Parts, and more! 


Can Genetic Testing Reveal If You Are At Risk For Cancer?: Genetic testing has become more popular as interest in genealogy has exploded. Can a genetic test reveal if you are at risk for cancer? Listen to my chat with Jeff Angelo!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Be a part of LADY PARTS!


I am thrilled to be the consulting producer on a new feature film LADY PARTS! One of my responsibilities is ensuring the accuracy of all BRCA cancer-related information in the script. Join the LADY PARTS team and me; together we can save lives by spreading awareness about the BRCA gene mutation. Be a part of LADY PARTS! 


Our scripted feature film highlights what it is like to be a BRCA positive female and at high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

With your donation of $25 or more, we will thank you in the end credits as our LADY PARTS “PART-NER"... in addition, you can also donate in honor of, or in memory of, someone!
Donations to LADY PARTS are tax-deductible to the via 
the 501-(c)(3) non-profit Cinefemme: 

In order to ensure your names will appear on the big screen: 
2) forward your donation receipt and names (as indicated below in yellow box) to this email address:

We are grateful for donations of any amount to help us toward our goal of $200,000! Your gift will have the lasting impact of helping to educate women across the country about the importance of identifying BRCA gene mutations.


Lady Parts is a dramedy-fantasy that tackles the complicated ridiculousness that cancer paints over everything. Sometimes simple questions don't have simple answers.

Actress Devin Sidell will be playing Danielle

Devin Sidell, who is a BRCA1 positive previvor will be playing the role of Danielle. In December 2017, Sidell opted to undergo a preventative double-mastectomy. Sidell has not undergone reconstructive surgery specifically to play the role of Danielle realistically. She will openly exhibit her scars and expanders so that the audience can understand the difficult decisions surrounding preventative mastectomy and the aftermath of surgery. Sidell’s mother is an ovarian cancer and breast cancer survivor. Sidell's aunt died of ovarian cancer. Sidell's sister is a breast cancer survivor. This film is based on Devin Sidell's story and her own lady parts.

Joanna Kerns, Executive Producer of LADY PARTS
The LADY PARTS team:

Cinefemme's Federal Tax EIN Number is 52-237-4579.
Donations to LADY PARTS can be made via the donation above, through a verified charitable giving platform, or by check. Checks should have LADY PARTS written in the memo section, and must be mailed to:  

1507 7th St. #477
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Thank you from the bottom of our parts!